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Next Generation of Color Profiling

Publicerad 2019-08-13


What you need to know about the i1Pro 3 Plus 

Wacom | Cintiq 22

Publicerad 2019-07-18


Launch of new Cintiq 22 18/7 2019 

Add:north | New supplier for NI Premium Brands

Publicerad 2019-07-12



QuarkXPress 2019 has arrived

Publicerad 2019-07-11


QuarkXPress Love Print, Live Digital 

Omnicharge | New supplier for Premium Brands

Publicerad 2019-07-08


Omnicharge Powerbank with a brain 

X-rite | Adds products to the Colorchecker family

Publicerad 2019-06-20


it's been over 40 years since the original ColorChecker Classic was created? Since then the Classic has been instrumental in helping photographers and filmmakers ensure that their color is perfect from the moment they capture the image. 

Wacom | Bamboo

Publicerad 2019-06-18


Launch of Bamboo Ink Plus and a new generation of Bamboo Ink 

LITRA | New supplier for NI Premium Brands

Publicerad 2019-06-11


Pocket-sized studio light! Litra, an award-winning company that Ni Premium Brands has started a Nordic collaboration with. Robust, waterproof and color-correct LED lamps. 

Wacom | New product

Publicerad 2019-05-09


Intuos Pro gives you new control over your creativity! 

Xrite | Launching Colorchecker Passport 2

Publicerad 2019-04-11


X-Rite created the industry-standard ColorChecker Passport 10 years ago. With this new and even more powerful version, you can capture and create more perfectly than ever. 

FLUX Delta+ All-in-One 3D Printer

EFI Fiery XF version 7.1

Palette | Capture One 11+

What's new in P5 version 5.6?

SONY TOUGH Verdens tøffeste SD-kort

New EPSON T-serie printers

EIZO CG279X | First ColorEdge-monitor with USB-C

Palettegear | perfect for musicians.

Product launch: Eizo CG319X Coloredge

Ny produkt från Archiware: Pure!

Wacom launches Bamboo Sketch and Bamboo Ink

8sinn first with cage to Panasonic GH5

The latest products from Wacom

Wacom launches the new Cintiq Pro 16 UHD

Expoimaging new supplier to Premium Brands

Wacom launches the new Intuos Pro

EPSON Sure Color SC-P5000 launched

Wacom launches MobileStudio Pro

Wacom launches Intuos 3D

Two new 27" monitors from Eizo

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