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NI Premium Brands Digitale penntabletter Stylus Wacom Bamboo Sketch, Black
Wacom Bamboo Sketch, Black

Wacom Bamboo Sketch, Black


Wacom Bamboo Sketch, Black

Bamboo Sketch – Natural sketching on iPad or iPhone
Bamboo Sketch is a fine tip stylus for sketching and making ideas on both an iPad and iPhone. Its fine, pressure sensitive tip is specifically tuned for a natural, precise and authentic pen experience on iOS devices. Bamboo Sketch also works with previous iPad generations featuring Bluetooth® and iPhone 6 and above.

Experience extraordinary ergonomics and convenience
The new ergonomic triangular design provides a well-balanced, natural in-hand feel. Personalize Bamboo Sketch with two customizable short-cut buttons and exchangeable pen tips both soft and firm. Additional features include charging via USB and a convenient stylish case for storing the pen, extra nibs, and the USB charger.
Store, shape and share your ideas
Bamboo Sketch is fully integrated with leading creative apps for drawing and sketching, including Bamboo Paper, allowing instant in-app pairing for immediate performance. The Inkspace cloud service enables you to store, shape and share your work.

Feature Overview
• For ideating and sketching on both an iPad and an iPhone
• Works with previous iPad generations featuring Bluetooth® and iPhone 6 and above
• Natural ideating and sketching with pressure sensing and comfortable triangular design
• Customizable shortcut buttons and pen tips, both soft and firm

• Convenient carrying case


Product Specifications

Color(s) black
Stylus length 142 mm (5.6 in)
Stylus diameter 10 mm (0.4 in)
Stylus weight 18 g (0.7 oz) – including battery
Materials aluminum
Compatibility for iOS devices with Bluetooth (most iOS devices)
Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Buttons two side switches, programmable in app
Stylus nib replaceable thin nib
Pressure sensitivity 2048 pressure levels
Power rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Operating time up to 16 hours
Box content Bamboo Sketch, carrying case, quick start guide, USB charger
Accessories stylus nibs, soft/firm ACK23016, stylus USB charger ACK43017


Artikkelnummer CS-610PK
Produsent Wacom  » www.wacom.eu
Produsents art. nr.
EAN 4949268620161






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