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NI Premium Brands Quite Quite Revealing 5 users ESD
Quite Revealing 5 users ESD

Quite Revealing 5 users ESD


Quite Revealing 5 users ESD

Product Description


Quite Revealling, a Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, provides information about the composition and structure of a PDF document. You can see information that is not otherwise visible, that would be used or needed in a prepress digital workflow context. Extremely easy to use, Quite Revealling is designed for pre-press professionals, and those producing files for press use.


Quite Revealling can also fix some of the more awkward problems that can arise, like differently named spot plates, unwelcome transfer functions, or ICC profiles that don't belong. When you start Quite Revealling, you will be able to choose what information you want to see. All functions are only one click away from the control centre.


Quite Revealling provides a view showing both the original PDF, and the items selected to be revealled, in a side-by-side view. Revealled details can be changed or modified (e.g. profiles can be untagged, and all transparency effects can be removed).


The Quite Revealling control panel can be displayed in its initial short form, or expanded to its long form (revealling more options). You can select from the options to Reveal plates, Reveal profiles, Reveal fonts, Reveal overprinting, Reveal transparency, Reveal image resolution, Reveal transfer functions, and Reveal halftone screens.


The upper window of the control panel shows the list of items that are in the current PDF. The selection of any one of the items (such as a font), will result in a listing of the characteristics, in the lower window, that can be viewed.


Quite Revealling offers control than would be otherwise unavailable. In the area of plates and colours, for example, you can convert selected spot colour items to CMYK, or convert all spot plates to CMYK, or merge two spot plates, or perform other related operations.


For each of the Quite Revealling categories, the user manual provides an explanation of the function, why controlling it is important, what can be seen on-screen, and what can be modified.


Quite Revealling has built-in "one-button" actions that make light work of some of the most common needs in fixing up a file, which can be difficult or impossible with other tools. Quite Revealling is simple to use and quick to learn so you'll be up and productive in no time!

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