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NI Premium Brands Quite Quite HOT Imposing v4 Mac ESD
Quite HOT Imposing v4 Mac ESD

Quite HOT Imposing v4 Mac ESD


Quite HOT Imposing v4 Mac ESD

Product Description


Create automated, high-speed page-imposition operations into a document-production workflow by using hotfolders or by using a command-line interface within Quite Hot Imposing 3. Quite Hot Imposing was designed to be a very intuitive and easy to use imposition powerhouse.


Quite Hot Imposing allows you to set up many different queues, each with its own set of four folders (in, out, done and error) and each of which may perform a different imposition. You can also turn off particular folders temporarily.


Quite Hot Imposing allows you to create sheet size specific templates, and export them to an XML file. An imposed PDF is created quickly based upon the XML template rules and is then sent on to the next step in your flow. Quite Hot Imposing gives you the ability to save the imposed file into the same file that it was received in. Once it exits, it can be stored on a server or sent directly to a RIP or proof.


Quite Hot Imposing uses XML instruction sets to create reusable imposition sequences that completely automate the historically manual process of creating press-ready impositions. Current users of Quite Imposing Plus are able to export their existing setups (XML) for use by Quite Hot Imposing.


Quite Hot Imposing can be set up to run as a standalone hotfolder application, be integrated within a Switch workflow or automated by system integrators using the command-line interface included with the product. Quite worked very closely with Enfocus to ensure their customers can integrate Quite Hot Imposing with the Enfocus Switch range of workflow automation products.


Built on the rock solid foundations of the Quite Imposing Plus Plug-in and the Adobe Acrobat PDF Library, this incredibly versatile workflow product will not only save all of a user's setups but it will also be able to repeat all functions as needed.


XML has become the industry-standard way of transferring information between porgrammes, so it was a natural choice for describing imposition tasks in Quite Hot Imposing. The use of a standardised XML format helps future-proof Quite Hot Imposing as your imposition tool of choice.

Artikkelnummer PC013MAC
Produsent Quite  » www.quite.com
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