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Wacom One 13 pen display

Wacom One 13 pen display


Wacom One 13 pen display

Discover new possibilities with Wacom One. For the creative minded, this pen display gives a natural pen-on-paper feel, and the digital pen actsas multiple pens and brushes, which adds excitement to any creative hobby. For others, the precise pen and the stylish screen let you comfortably personalize images or videos to impress their social media fans and followers. Wacom One adds more to those who want to digitally capture ideas, create mind-mapsand draw diagrams before sharing them easily with friends or colleagues. Anyone who needs pen accuracy on a comfortably large screen, needs Wacom One. The light and ergonomically designed pen means you can tweak documents and jot down notes in a way that's so familiar, you'll forget you're doing it digitally. The great thing is, it comes with our Bonus Pack and is compatible with your computer as well as certain Android devices to get you off to a flying start. There's more than 35 years of learning and innovation behind Wacom One, all working towards the vision of enabling digital creativity. Wacom One is here, and it's for everyone. Switch on and discover how your everyday just got improved.


Paper-like canvas -a natural surface friction and minimal reflection makes for intuitive drawing on screen. It feels like you're drawing or writing on paper, not glass.


Feels like a standardpen -no need for batteries, the pen feels and looks right. Plus, this one pen uses software to act as multiple pens and brushes in a full range of colors, with superb accuracy.


Space to play -See your imagination come to life in full color on a display that's nearly A4/letter in size.


Digital freedom -sketch or paint directly onto screen, draw diagrams, annotate documents, enhance photos and videos, plus you can delete, edit and share your creations with ease.


Bonus Pack included -brilliant apps are waiting to be explored. The included Bamboo Paperfor example comes with premium features*and transforms your creative pen display into a sketchpad.


Diverse compatibility -link up your Wacom One to your Mac or PC, as well as certain Android tablets and smartphones, and even use digital pens from top brands if you want a different option.


*For Windows 10 only.

Artikelnummer DTC133W0B
Tillverkare Wacom  » www.wacom.eu
Tillv. art. nr.
EAN 4949268622592






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