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Addnorth Adura

Adura™ is a high performance Nylon filament made from polyamide with high printability, low shrinkage and extreme toughness. Excellent layer bonding, medium flexibility and good chemical and heat resistance makes it a very useful material for demanding applications. Adura™ has a very low shrinkage rate which allows for printing parts with tight tolerances and with minimal warpage. This enables users to create functional parts with a specific size requirement. The added carbon fibers in Adura™X makes it the perfect compromise between stiffness and impact resistance, while maintaining most of Adura™'s resilient Nylon properties.

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Black

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15BLA

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Cold White

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15COW

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Glitz Grey

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15GLG

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Grey

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15GRY

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Lucent Orange

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15LOR

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Olive Drab

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15ODG

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Red

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15RED

Addnorth Adura - 1.75mm - 500g - Traffic Blue

Artikkelnummer: ANAD15TRB

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Black

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25BLA

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Cold White

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25COW

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Glitz Grey

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25GLG

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Grey

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25GRY

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Lucent Orange

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25LOR

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Olive Drab

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25ODG

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Red

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25RED

Addnorth Adura - 2.85mm - 500g - Traffic Blue

Artikkelnummer: ANAD25TRB

Addnorth Adura FDA - 1.75mm - 500g - Clear

Artikkelnummer: ANAF15PLC

Addnorth Adura FDA - 2.85mm - 500g - Clear

Artikkelnummer: ANAF25PLC

Addnorth Adura X - 1.75mm - 500g - Black

Artikkelnummer: ANAX15BLA

Addnorth Adura X - 2.85mm - 500g - Black

Artikkelnummer: ANAX25BLA



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