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The latest products from Wacom 

New products from Wacom - better color reproduction, higher precision and with better design


Update your gears with a lot of new products from Wacom, as the Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper, MobileStudio Pro and Cintiq Pro. Better color reproduction, higher precision and more pressure sensitivity are some of the improved features amongst the newer products. At the 5th of January 2017 Wacom released the new and improved Intuos Pro Medium and Intuos Pro Large which both now have four times higher pressure sensitivity than before. Furthermore, the design looks better and is more slim. In the same series of Intuos Pro, Wacom released the Intuos Pro Medium Paper and Intuos Pro Medium Large Paper. Paper Edition is perfect for the creative ones who prefer to sketch directly on paper. With Paper Edition it is also possible to save a digital copy of your sktech and later on finish the work on a computer.

The solution is now here for those who have missed the freedom to sketch anywhere with the launch of MobileStudio Pro. The MobileStudio Pro is a powerful computer and pen tablet hybrid with hardware that can handle demanding 2D-, 3D- and CAD-software.


Better pressure sensitivity and color reproduction with Cintiq Pro


The Cintiq family have also additionally two new members, the new Cintiq Pro 13" and the bigger Cintiq Pro 16". The pressure sensitivity is now four times higher, just as with the Intuos Pro, and the color reproduction have improved as well. The Cintiq Pro 16" has 94% color Adobe RGB gamut and a 4K screen at 3840x2160 pixels, making it ideal for retouch.

Included in the package for Intuos Pro Medium and Large (Paper Edition as well), MobileStudio Pro and Cintiq Pro is the new Wacom Pro Pen 2 with its better precision, higher sensitivity and even more responsive than before. Read more about Wacoms new products:

Wacom Intuos Pro Large
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Paper
MobileStudio Pro
Cintiq Pro 13” DTH-1320
Cintiq Pro 16” DTH-1620
Mer om Wacom Pro Pen 2


For more information, please contact:
Antonio Licari
Mob +46 70 403 60 20


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